kevin costner stephen baldwin getty Stephen Baldwin loses Kevin Costner court battleAfter a two-week trial, jurors deliberated for just under two hours before returning a decision in favor of Kevin Costner, who had been accused of cheating fellow actor Stephen Baldwin out of millions of dollars in a deal with BP to provide oil-cleaning machines after the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

“My name means more to me than money and that’s why we didn’t settle,” Costner tells the Associated Press.

“We’re disappointed. We thought we proved rather convincingly that these two guys, Mr. Costner and Mr. Smith, defrauded us,” says Baldwin’s attorney, James Cobb. “The jury saw it a different way but we respect the jury’s verdict.”

Baldwin and a friend — Spyridon C. Contogouris — were seeking more than $17 million in damages. They claimed that they were unaware that Costner’s company — Ocean Therapy Solutions — had a deal with BP when they agreed to sell their shares in the company.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson