stephen baldwin pleads guilty tax case gi Stephen Baldwin pleads guilty in tax case, blames faith for lack of money

Stephen Baldwin has pleaded guilty to charges that he failed to pay income taxes in the sate of New York between 2008 and 2010, leaving himself a tax bill of $400,000. CNN reports a judge knocked $100,000 off that figure, which included $50,000 in penalties and interest.
“Mr. Baldwin is very appreciative of the D.A. Office’s willingness to work with him, and he looks forward to repaying the debt and being a productive member of society,” says Baldwin’s attorney, Russell Yankwitt
Baldwin was arrested in December and released without bail after an arraignment. His older brother, Alec Baldwin told Piers Morgan at the time a deal was already being worked out. “This was all pre-arranged with the D.A. for him to go in and make an appearance,” Alec said. “And they’ve got to shake him down, and they’ve got to make him walk that gauntlet because that’s their procedure, even though steps have been made to begin the process of remediating that money, and down payments have been made.”  
Yankwitt claims Stephen’s Christian faith has hampered his earning ability in Hollywood. “Mr. Baldwin is a man of faith, and it’s difficult for him to get jobs in Hollywood that are compatible with his faith, and that’s one of the difficulties he’s had paying off the money,” says Yankwitt.
Baldwin has roles lined up in three upcoming projects. And while he currently stars on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” Yankwitt the money Baldwin earns on the NBC reality show goes directly to charity. 
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