Stephen Colbert has found a way to mock Fox News every two minutes. “The Colbert Report” host announced on his Nov. 4 show that he’s launched a Twitter account called Real Human Praise that takes a quote from a positive movie review on Rotten Tomatoes and turns it into fake praise for Fox News.

This Twitter bot came in response to “Murdoch’s World” author David Folkenflick accusing Fox News of assigning staffers to create multiple online aliases and write lengthy blog rants in response to negative articles about the news station. Real Human Praise has now posed more than 5,700 tweets.

“Truer words have never been generated,” Colbert deadpans. “The bot is posting with the hashtag ‘Praise FOX’ and, like Bill O’Reilly, will just keep talking until someone pulls the plug.”

Here are some choice examples:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz