Who says all small town people are small-minded? That blanket statement is certainly disproven in Stephen Colbert‘s latest “People Who Are Destroying America” segment on “The Colbert Report.”

This time the person “destroying America” is Mayor Johnny Cummings of Vicco, Ky. Cummings is an out man who recently passed a non-discrimination law in his small town. The above tongue-in-cheek segment shows how supportive Vicco is of the ordinance and its mayor, with the exception of one pastor who believes all homosexuals are going straight to hell.

This has been a great year for gay rights, from the Supreme Court invalidating Prop 8 to Queen Elizabeth approving gay marriage to more and more states allowing homosexual couples to wed. Cummings’ story is an uplifting one, and one definitely worthy of a “People Who Are Destroying America” segment from Colbert, since “destroying” clearly means “empowering” in this situation.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz