Still reeling from the shocking finale of “He’s Our You”? Same here, “Lost” fans. It’s not as if we had a solid grip on what was happening on the Island BEFORE that event, but now, we’re more confused than ever. What will the repercussions be from Sayid shooting Young Ben? Well, how about asking Young Ben himself? Because that’s exactly what you can do.

I’ll be conducting an exclusive interview with Lil’ Ben himself, Sterling Beaumon, in anticipation of this week’s upcoming episode. We’ll discuss his pivotal role on the show, get some non-spoilery insights into the future, and maybe share some recipes. OK, maybe not the latter.

But I need your help, Zap2it readers: what burning questions do you have for Sterling? Either post in the comments below or email me your questions.  I’ll take the best and incorporate them into the interview! Make sure to have your questions in by 5 pm EST on Monday, March 30th. As a preview, I’ll let you vote on one of the questions I plan on asking Sterling.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee