Was Steve Guttenberg (a.k.a. Mahoney from "Police Academy") really  upset about a paparazzo shooting photos of him while he was jogging? Seriously?

Frankly, he should be happy they wanted to take his photo. Or even

recognized him after he was dumped from "Dancing With the Stars." He received the lowest total score (ouch!) on the ABC reality series the week he was jettisoned.

"I’m just going to miss seeing everybody all week and I just love everyone. I’ve had such a good time here. It’s made me a better person," Guttenberg said on the results show. Oh jeez, stop!

I don’t think he was really upset in these scowling/punching/growling photos making the celeb Web rounds. He’s just kidding around. Or is he? Maybe he’s doing an imitation of Seal?

Click here and decide for yourselves!

Photo: Did Steve "Nice Guy" Guttenberg stoop to near-violence for media attention? Or was he just having a laugh?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead