steve harvey gi Steve Harvey addresses ex wife's YouTube assaultSteve Harvey is back on American soil and addressing the scandal surrounding his ex-wife’s YouTube tirade.

“I’ve seen this many times before,” he says on his syndicated radio show Monday (Jan. 24). “I know the truth… the part that’s hurtful in here is my wife and children have to be drugged [sic] into this.”

“If you’re gonna be vindictive then go ahead and just aim it at me. But my son is coming in the room crying, and that’s also her son,” he continues. “So why you would even do this… I don’t even understand the purpose of it. I got you’re mad, but 12 years ago? That’s what we doing now?”

The comedian goes on to defend his duties as a father to respect the mother of his child, and to not speak negatively of her. Aside from a few jabs here and there, of course.

“I have custody of the child,” Harvey explains. “Which, you’ve gotta wonder how that happened…”

Mary Shackelford-Harvey recently posted a series of three videos online, in which she accuses her ex-husband of being a serial cheater, taking their son and leaving her with nothing.

“I’m-a [sic] divorce you, and I’m-a ruin you. That was the promise that was made,” he recalls of the couple’s 2005 split. 

For their child’s sake, we’re glad Steve is (kind of) taking the high road. But somehow we don’t think that either of these two are in the right, here.

If we had taken the advice of his relationship books, we’d probably be asking for a  refund right about now.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci