mary harvey steve harvey Steve Harvey disputes ex wife Mary Harvey's accusations; Some of them, anywayMary Schackelford-Harvey kicked off 2011 by unleashing several years of pent up anger via YouTube, calling ex-husband Steve Harvey a serial cheater and claiming that he left her homeless and penniless following their split.

Steve’s lawyers were immediately on the case, attacking Mary for violating a gag order surrounding their 2005 divorce. Steve, however, opted to go a different route.

Requesting permission to lift the gag order, Steve has distributed a statement which disputes many of his ex-wife’s claims regarding their divorce terms.

According to their settlement, Mary received $40,000 a month up until March 2009, at which point she was awarded a lump sum to the tune of $1.5 million.

As for being left homeless — She received not just one, but three homes in the agreement.

Here’s where we’re not totally sold:

The cited reason for divorce was the ever allusive “irreconcilable differences,” rather than “infidelity.” Additionally, current wife (and accused former mistress) Marjorie Bridges was not named in any of the documentation, nor was she considered the cause of Mary and Steve’s breakup.

Frankly, just because she wasn’t documented doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved. To be fair, there’s no solid proof that she was involved either. Jury’s still out on that one.

Mary also claims that Steve turned their son, Wynton, against her. Steve says that he was awarded primary custody of the child, and that the 13-year-old willingly went with him.

Just because a 13-year-old boy went willingly to live with his father doesn’t mean we know anything about his feelings towards his mother, or what is discussed behind closed doors. Yet again, jury’s still out.

But hey, remember that time Steve made a snarky remark on his radio show about being awarded full custody? The quote was, “I have custody of the child. Which, you gotta wonder how that happened…” Hmm.  

We’re not thinking Mary was totally out of line in all of her accusations, but we are wondering what happened to those three homes and nice chunk of change she received.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci