Steve Harvey.jpgSteve Harvey, host of the game show “Family Feud”
will bring the funny to a new, hour long talk show. The nationally
syndicated show will air on NBC and will be filmed in Chicago. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the city was his first pick.

He’s already looking for a home in the city. He tells the site, “It’s
such a great city. The restaurants are great. The neighborhoods are
great. The downtown is probably one of the best downtowns there is. If
I’ve got to take my family somewhere, I’ll take them there.”

He also talks about the type of show he wants to do, citing the lack of
men doing talk shows. ” There’s not a lot of male viewpoint on daytime
TV. I’ve got kids. I have
a wife. I think that’s a unique perspective. Above all else, there’s
nobody in daytime TV that can beat me at the funny thing – except Ellen
. She’s my girl. I love her. Other than Ellen, I think I’m the
guy who’s gonna put more funny on television.”

He says this show will be about real people, with few celebrity guests,
who he says only come to talk shows to promote stuff. He has different
ideas about what people want to see. “It’s going to be a very positive
show with a male perspective to it.
I’ve made myself a champion for women for a lot of years now, and I
think that will come through on the TV show.” Would you watch Harvey on an hour long show? Do you think he’ll bring something new to daytime television? Let us know your thoughts.

Posted by:jbusch