steve nash ex wife gi Steve Nash's ex wife: He's blocking move to avoid child support

Things are anything but calm between Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash and his ex-wife, Alejandra. When Nash chose to sign with the Lakers, over the New York Knicks, he said it was to be closer to his kids, who live with their mom in Phoenix.
Now Alejandra wants to relocate herself and the kids to Los Angeles, so they can be even closer to Steve. However, Nash doesn’t want that to happen and is trying to legally block the move. Why wouldn’t he want his kids to be closer to him?
In documents she filed with the court, Alejandra says Steve told her he might be traded or forced into retirement and the last thing he wants to do is uproot them yet again. However, TMZ reports Alejandra has another theory. She says Steve doesn’t want to pay the child support a California court might award her.
Alejandra says, at this point, Nash pays no child support whatsoever. She also claims the basketball player had admitted that living far away from his kids isn’t easy on him or them.
A trial to determine the legality of moving to Los Angeles is set to begin soon. In the meantime, a judge has put a restraining order in place, prohibiting the move.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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