steven seagal lawman Steven Seagal threatened with legal action over cockfighting raid

Legendary neck breaker Steven Seagal finds himself in legal hot water.

According to TMZ, Seagal has been served with an official notice of claim by Jesus Sanchez Llovera, citing an “unfounded” raid on his property which resulted in massive casualties to Llovera’s animal population.

Seagal, along with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, were filming Seagal’s reality show, “Steven Seagal Lawman,” when they raided Llovera’s property on March 9 under suspicion of cockfighting.  Allegedly, Seagal and co. used a tank during the raid and along with “substantial damage” to the property, the lawmen killed over 100 roosters. Llovera claims the roosters were not involved in any illegal activities.

Worst of all, Llovera claims that the raid resulted in the death of his “11-month-old puppy, a beloved family pet.”  Llovera is seeking a “formal written apology” from the action star along with $100,000 in damages.  Llovera may end up taking Seagal to court; below, you can see where Seagal may end up taking Llovera.

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