Steven-Spielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg certainly does love his dinosaurs. The “Jurassic Park” films were groundbreaking in terms of effects and certainly on our favorite films list. At least the first one was. We’re not really loving his other dino-project “Terra Nova” right now, but the news we heard today got us all excited for fire lizards again.

Spielberg was hinting at the possibility of a fourth “Jurassic Park” movie back at the San Diego Comic Con this past summer, but nothing was said outright. That has all changed. According to an interview with Coming Soon, it’s on its way!

“I haven’t been active in the last year because I’ve been so busy obviously on ‘War Horse,’ ‘Tintin,’ he said, “and now I’m currently shooting ‘Lincoln,’ but right now, it’s on the schedule to bring out another ‘Jurassic Park.'”

Anyone else squealing with delight and digging in the back of their closets to find their old dinosaur toys? Just us?

Posted by:jbusch