Steven-Spielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg is a busy, busy man.

Not only is the famous director helming new projects like “Lincoln,” a biopic about our 16th president, and “Robopocalypse,” a sci-fi book adaptation about a robot uprising — let’s not forget “War Horse” and “The Adventures of Tintin,” both of which are still in theaters — Spielberg also has his hand in all sorts of projects as a successful producer.

This TV season alone he had his hand in three different series — “Terra Nova,” which aired its first season on FOX in the fall, and two midseason dramas that have yet to debut. “Smash,” about the mounting of a Marilyn Monroe-themed Broadway musical, debuts Feb. 6 on NBC, while “The River,” a creepy mockumentary about a documentary crew observing supernatural forces in the Amazon, premieres Feb. 7 on ABC.

Spielberg seems especially proud of “Smash,” telling Access Hollywood, “I came up with the idea for the series. I’d been flogging it for about five years. It took [NBC entertainment president] Bob Greenblatt to step forward, because he’s done musical theater with ‘9 to 5.’ He really responded to the material.”

Spielberg also recently spoke about some of his film projects at a press conference, calling “Robopocalypse” “a cautionary tale
about war between human beings and robots. It’s a big crowd pleaser, I
think, a big action popcorn movie with a message.

And if you’re a fan of Spielberg’s previous work, you’ll be happy to know that he’s coming back for “Jurrasic Park 4” — but not as director. “I don’t want to talk about
‘Jurassic Park 4’ yet – it’s too early – but I can tell you that I’m
not directing it. I’m producing it though,” he says.

Posted by:Jean Bentley