steven tyler ellen degeneres show Steven Tyler: Erin Brady tied him up and he knew she was the one“American Idol” judge Steven Tyler drops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, (Jan. 17), where he talks about his recent engagement, telling his bandmates about joining “Idol” and his two years of sobriety.

Steven on his engagement to Erin Brady:

Ellen: How did you know that she was the one?
Steven:  The first time I saw her…she worked for Clear Channel so she was paying the band. And I didn’t notice her and one night she had on this hair band on around her head. She looked really old fashion…So I took her back in the room and she tied me up with it and I thought I’m marrying this girl.  Exactly that way [laughing].
Ellen: So it’s just a scarf around the head for you. That’s what does it?
Steven: Yes, it’s the imagery and how deep one can get into it…
Ellen: Of what the scarf is going to be later on.
Steven: I play it out….Yes…Yes…

Steven on how he told his bandmates he joined “American Idol”:

Ellen: Did you tell them (Aerosmith) first? Or did they find out after?
Steven: No, I didn’t tell them. A band is like a… It’s not women.  It’s men. It’s a different world. We keep a lot to our selves.  Don’t often tell the truth. I fell off the stage doing a ZZ Top (song)… We didn’t speak to each other for the longest time. So I went away to Betty Ford to fix the shoes that helped me slip.  By the way, two years sobriety.
Ellen: Good for you.
Steve: No excuse for it. Just hard living on a tale of a comet and coming down all the time. But I came back from that and I just took this job. And, they were like an old girlfriend, right.  Why didn’t you tell me first? And that kind of crap.
Ellen: But now they have to be happy for you?
Steven: They’re very happy.

Steven on his sobriety:

Ellen: So two years sober. Do you think it’s like anybody else?  It just happens to be the right time?  Is there a reason that it took this time? How many times have you been in rehab?
Steven: Probably 5, 6.
Ellen: And, this time, what do you think it took?
Steven: You never know if it takes. I have program.  I got all my friends that are sober now. What it is…It’s euphoric recall. You hear music and you can get so high and the curtain comes down. It’s no different then doing a bump. It’s the same thing and that’s why it is so dangerous for me. I can’t get back into that world. I can stay high on stage and stay high.. I mean out here with you right now my hearts pounding. Hearing you guys (the audience) roar. This what I live for today. But you never know if it’s going to stick. I just keep with my program, wish and hope …
Steven: …I don’t want to go back to that place, if that’s what you are talking about. That place lost me, my kids, a marriage, a band. A lot of things and it’s for real. That’s how dangerous that is. So I take it serious.

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