steven tyler Joe Perry Steven Tyler will be replaced in Aerosmith, says Joe Perry
Aerosmith will soon be replacing their lead singer, Steven Tyler, who was recently admitted to rehab for prescription drug addiction and faces surgery to repair performance injuries.
Joe Perry admits that the band is looking for an established singer. No newbies need apply.
“We’re already getting the word out there. The word’s been out there for a while. After my [Canadian] tour, we’ll start having some auditions, making some phone calls,” he told Darryl Sterdan of the QMI Agency. “Hopefully, we’ll have found a new singer by the summer, and Aerosmith will be able to go back out on the road.”

]]>So has Steven left the band? 

Not really. 
Perry says that Steven never said he was going to leave the band. But his manager has told their manager that he wants to take some time off, even though Tyler has been making noises about wanting to come back. It all sounds a bit confusing.
“And what his lawyers and his managers have been telling our lawyers and managers is different than what he’s been telling the press. So it’s kind of hard to get a straight answer about what’s going on. But he has to have leg surgery and foot surgery and it’s basically going to take him out of the picture for about a year, year and a half.”
About finding a new singer, Perry says, “The people we’re talking about, as far as auditions go, we’ll probably just sit around and have a couple of drinks and see if we get along. Because we’re already gonna know that they can sing.”
Who should — or could — replace Steven Tyler? Any suggestions? 
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