Jesseplemons_fridaynights_nbcnet_240Early ratings suggest that Friday Night Lights drew almost the exact same audience in its first Wednesday night airing as it did on Tuesday nights, which means that a distressingly large percentage of Americans missed out on the chance to weigh in on two possible names for Landry’s aggressively awful industrial band — Stigmatalingus (Landry’s pick) or Crucifictorious (the more popular group choice).

What do you think?

When we put together our Zap2it list of "The Underrated of 2006," we singled (or "grouped") out the less heralded women of Friday Night Lights, but I’m beginning to feel like we may have dropped the ball on Jesse Plemons, whose Landry has been a reliable source of laughs — case in point his advocacy of Members Only jackets — without falling excessively into sidekick cliche territory. Tuesday night’s Of Mice and Men cramming session with Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) was a tiny bit sitcom-y, but it also added shadings to both characters.

As is often the case with the season’s best new show, the football game was really an afterthought. The Panthers won and a distracted Saracen was Saracened himself, watching the back-up quarterback step in and fuel the victory with a few dink-and-dunk passes and a healthy dose of Smash (Gaius Charles), who also appears to be a defensive (or at least special teams) stalwart as well. Much more interesting, though, were Saracen’s interactions with his temporarily on-leave father, Lyla and Street’s attempts to redefine their relationship and, as always, the scenes between Coach (Kyle Chandler) and Mrs. Coach (Connie Britton).

A few other highlights:

  • Quad porn. I have nothing to say on the subject, but that’s totally a Google search we’d like to be a part of.
  • The ongoing romance between Saracen and Julie (Aimee Teegarden), which included their first fight, but also Julie’s utterly crushed look at the prospect of Saracen relocating to Oklahoma.
  • Landry’s after-school special-style reaction to Riggins’ intellectual reticence ("Oh my God. You can’t read, can you? Is that it? You’re one of the kids who just slipped through the cracks?") and Riggins’ quick assurance that he’s literate, just apathetic.
  • Street’s cold kiss-off line, "You want to get laid that bad, call Riggins." Damn.

    So, Crucifictorious or Stigmatalingus?

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