As this week’s episode of The L Word began, I turned to my partner and said, "It gets weirder every week, doesn’t it?" The lesbian version of "Charlie’s Angels"? With gaydar guns? Oy!

Any way, spoiler alert is now enabled as I take on "Lady of the Lake."

Obviously, Bette is that lady as Jodi’s friend literally dumps Bette in Big Bear Lake during their trip into the wilderness together. One would have to suspect that this may be a turning point in Bette and Jodi’s relationship as we get to see so clearly how the two are vastly different. Jodi is correct in saying Bette is a snob. But beyond that, this character never seems to truly let her guard down, no matter what. (Remember that retreat she went on a couple seasons back?) I don’t think it’s about Bette so much being a snob as she is always and forever a control freak. I will be interested to see what, if anything, allows her to free herself.

Moving on, any lesbian who was glued to the football playoffs instead of tuning in to the first showing of this week’s episode will have missed a lot. The story line jumped to and from every character on the show bringing you up to date on a little bit about everyone. In that fashion, I’ll try to do the same.

Shane. Taking a moratorium on sex to reduce the drama in her life. She’s trying without success and hates it. By the end of the episode, she’s slipping up and kissing Helena by mistake.

Tina. Meeting women online, but first date dinner conversation doesn’t get beyond yapping about Bette. Doesn’t matter. She ends up sleeping with the girl with the augmented breasts.

Jenny. Training for the Pink Run. Maybe the others will join her in "Team Dana." Her new freakish assistant is doing everything but wiping her after a bathroom break. It’s still very weird.

Max. His old girlfriend, you know, the one that accepted him for who he was at the end of last season, seems to want him to explore a relationship with Tom, Jodi’s interpreter. It’s too soon to see where this is going. You have to be curious about this podcast Max is so eager to show everyone. What will Shane say about it?

Kit. Held up at gunpoint just as she’s closing up. One guy is fully masked. I wonder, can it be Angus? He would know the schedule there; it seemed like an inside job. Too, it was odd that the camera lingered on that masked face.

Tasha and Alice. I’m finding a good lesson in this tale as I’m one of those people who can’t understand why you’d want to continue with the military if they so clearly don’t want you around. But Tasha said it best, "I never decided to become a lesbian, I decided to join the service." Then, when she rattles off all she’s done during her career, it’s much easier to understand. For anyone who has truly loved a job and then lost it for one reason or another, you know how it hurts. It’s tough to walk away and start anew. Now, imagine having to give up everything you’ve worked for because you fell in love. That’s the tough one.

Finally, Helena. Because maybe this is the finale  for Helena. Now that Mummy has sprung her and she’s sneaking off to grab the hidden money and bail out Dusty, it’s not clear whether we’ll see her again. It’s just one part of the puzzle she holds in her hand.

Whew! Until next week.

Posted by:Christine Badowski