Strip club offers to save Lindsay Lohan's storage unit if she works for themA somewhat unsavory solution has presented itself to Lindsay Lohan in regards in her soon-to-be-auctioned-off storage unit. The famous NYC strip club Scores has stepped forward and said it will pay the $16,000 Lohan needs to stop her storage unit company from auctioning off all of her belongings… as long as she works for them.

It’s not quite what you think. TMZ reports that all Scores wants Lohan to do is act as a video chat host for its website, which won’t require her to go nude. If she does so, Scores has also offered to pay Lohan’s rent at her Beverly Hills mansion. The “Liz & Dick” star is desperate for cash with the IRS having seized her bank accounts, so this offer is likely pretty tempting.

It’s not clear how long Lohan would have to work for the club as online video chat host, but let’s not forget that she also posed nude for Playboy when she needed a little extra dough. Considering she’s likely is heading back to prison come January, she might as well get her affairs in order before she returns to court to find out her punishment for getting her probation revoked. At that point, working for a strip club doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz