Chris Colfer has accomplished more in his 21 years on Earth than you will in your entire life. Just accept that fact before you watch the trailer for “Struck By Lightning,” the feature film he wrote and stars in. It’ll make things so much easier when you remember the “Glee” star has also written a book, a Disney pilot and another feature film.

“Lightning” features Colfer as a small-town teenage misanthrope who blackmails his high school classmates into contributing to his literary magazine so he can get into the college of his dreams.
In addition to up-and-comers like Christina Hendricks, Allison Janney and Dermot Mulroney, Colfer’s costars include Rebel Wilson (“Bridesmaids”), Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”), Ashley Rickards (“Awkward”) and plenty more.
Check out the trailer and let us know what you think! (To be honest, we think it needs a better trailer, but we’re psyched to see the movie nonetheless.)
Posted by:Jean Bentley