danielle fishel lisa arch Style stars dish on Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Chloe SevignyOn Friday (Jan. 29), after shooting an episode of her Style Network show, “The Dish,” Danielle Fishel sat down with her guest-star for the day, Lisa Arch, host of Style’s “What I Hate About Me” (and occasional guest-host of the network’s “Clean House”) and talked red-carpet yeas, nays and hell-nays with The Dish Rag.

On disappointments from the Golden Globes …

]]>Fishel: “I really did not like Chloe Sevigny‘s dress. She was so offended that the rain had hit her dress, and I was like, ‘That rain could only make it better. It could only add attraction to her dress.’ That idea of a full ruffle, top to bottom of your body, kind of horrifies me, in fashion.” Arch: “I totally agree with you. And somebody stepped on her dress, too, and she flipped! I laughed. But I love her on ‘Big Love.’ But I was really disappointed in Julia Roberts. Normally, I love her choices, and this was another vintage dress that she was wearing, but it looked like she was going to the office. Fishel: “Totally. She could have put on rain boots and held the umbrella.” Arch: “Or put on tennis shoes and ran to the subway. It just was way too casual. Fishel: “You know what is really the truth for me? Kate Hudson, I’m just done with you. I’m over it here. You can wear white dresses if you want, just not in my view. Go away from me.” On red-carpet pleasures … Fishel: “I thought Penelope Cruz this year knocked it out of the park. I can’t really say I’ve ever seen her in anything I didn’t like.” Arch: “I think the cast of ‘Glee’ has been doing a great job on the red carpet.” Fishel: “Especially for newbies.” Arch: “Right? They have really impressed me. They’re really getting it right.” lady gaga mtv vmas 2009 Style stars dish on Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Chloe SevignyOn Lady Gaga on the Grammy Awards red carpet on Sunday … Fishel: “She’ll probably pick a shape. She was on Oprah, and Oprah said, ‘What do you do? Where do you come up with the inspiration for your fashion?’ She said, ‘I really like to think of the shape I’d like to leave in the wall if I were to walk through it.’ That’s how she determines what she wants to wear. That’s why all her things are like a shape off of her body — like geometry or origami.” Arch: “God bless her, seriously. She is one of those people who you would just walk right past if she was on the street, and because of that, she’s making it work. I was not a fan for the longest time. I thought, ‘Who is this woman? It’s creepy. It’s over the top.’ And I’m completely sold now.” Fishel: “You’re a monster. You’re a Gaga monster.” Arch: “I’m, like, I always want to pose.” Fishel: “I always want to wear the black-feather mask.” On style tips for musicians … Arch: “It’s always good, for Grammy night, to go with the shock value of just looking classy. That would be a shock.” Fishel: “My tip would be, rhinestones do not make jeans classy. No, they don’t. Jeans do not become red-carpet attire because you bedazzled the side of them. And cowboy hats don’t hide your baldness. Still, no.” On why musicians have such an, ahem, unique sense of red-carpet style … Arch: “Because they’re on drugs.” Fishel: “That’s it. I mean, their mirrors are funhouse mirrors. They think they look fantastic. They see Globes night in their heads when they look in the mirror.” Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz.
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