suburgatory fire with fire 'Suburgatory' creator Emily Kapnek talks Wilmer Valderrama, the Situation and where Season 1 is headed“Suburgatory” knows how to pack a half-hour. Wednesday’s (Feb. 22) alone will touch on jealousy, friends switching friends and a potentially troubled marriage, plus feature a cameo by “Jersey Shore’s” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Zap2it talked with series creator Emily Kapnek about Wednesday’s episode, “Fire With Fire,” and here’s what she had to say about how the story unfolds.

Jealousy: “Dallas [Cheryl Hines] is going through a divorce now, and sort of begins dating. We get to watch George [Jeremy Sisto] respond to that, maybe a little bit jealously. We have a really good episode [Wednesday] that Wilmer Valderrama guest-stars on — he plays this very handsome, attractive Reiki healer Dallas dates, and it drives George insane.”

Friends vs. friends: “There’s a story where Dalia [Carly Chaikin], in her vendetta over the Scott Strauss situation, winds up trying to steal Lisa [Allie Grant], and Tessa’s [Jane Levy] move is to play the same card with Kimantha [Abbie Cobb]. So you get to see Kimantha become Tessa’s Lisa, and Lisa is Dalia’s [new] Kimantha. They have a little bit of a swap, and it’s very, very funny to see these two girls in other orbits.”

Marriage troubles: “We also deal a little bit with Noah’s [Alan Tudyk] life. His wife [guest star Gillian Vigman] is clocking Dallas’ divorce and the fact that she seems to be having this rebirth. She toys with the idea of, ‘Maybe I should get a divorce.’ We talk about the idea of Chatswin as a trend-driven town, and is divorce the next trend.

The Situation: “He DJs — he didn’t have an enormous part. He’s DJ-ing a school dance, and there’s a little reference and nod to him in there. You really just catch a glimpse of him, but it’s funny.”

“Suburgatory” has already finished filming its season — “We had no skip weeks,” Kapnek says — and as the finale approaches, Tessa and George will have a confrontation over her heretofore unseen mom. Tessa writes a poem for class about being without her mother “just to get a good grade,” Kapnek says, but George ends up reading it and misinterpreting Tessa’s feelings.

“He ends up picking at the wound a little bit and reaches out to Tessa’s grandma,” Kapnek tells us. “He’s not exactly sure where Tessa’s mother is these days, so he gets in touch with his former mother-in-law. … We definitely play with the idea of, Could there be a complication?”

That question may not get answered until the show’s second season (it’s a pretty decent bet for renewal), but we’re curious to see how it plays out. “Suburgatory” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.

Posted by:Rick Porter