jane levy suburgatory foam finger 'Suburgatory': Jane Levy on Tessa and Dalia and the 'confusing' return of Tessa's momWednesday’s (Nov. 7) episode of “Suburgatory” finds Tessa in the unusual position of being looked up to by Dalia’s minions. But that can happen when you take in three stray girls.

In the episode, called “Foam Finger,” Dalia (Carly Chaikin) decides to become BFFs with her dad’s new fiancee, leaving Kimantha (Abbie Cobb), Kenzie (Kara Pacitto) and Kaitlyn (Katelyn Pacitto) at a loss for whom to follow. After Tessa (Jane Levy) discovers them wandering the streets of Chatswin, she turns them over to Lisa (Allie Grant) for safe keeping.

“I think it’s a little horrific for Tessa” watching Lisa try to mold “KKK” in her own image, Levy tells Zap2it. “But also she can tell something’s going on with Dalia — why has she left her old friends? Most of the episode is Tessa trying to find out what’s going with Dalia and trying to help her out.”

Levy says Tessa is just motivated by her concern for people, but as with most of her attempts to connect with Dalia, it’s a pretty thankless task. “Instead of any thank-yous or appreciation, Dalia just mostly makes fun of Tessa,” she says.

“Suburgatory” will air its Thanksgiving episode next week, and it features the first appearance of Malin Akerman as Tessa’s mother, Alex. Akerman will also appear in the show’s Christmas episode, and Levy says both of them pack a pretty big emotional punch.

“They’re — pretty interesting,” she says of the two episodes. “I’m having a hard time describing them. … I think you’ll have to see it. It’s like a really big moment, but not in a way where everyone’s falling apart or coming together. It’s mostly just so emotional and confusing for these people that they don’t know quite what to do.”

Upcoming episodes will also delve into the budding relationship between Tessa and Ryan Shay (Parker Young), which advanced a little in last week’s episode. “They’re so different from each other, with polar opposite interests and ways that they live their lives that they’re always — because they like each other so much — trying to fit into each other’s world,” Levy says. “Which isn’t easy for either of them. So you’ll see them have some troubles there.”

“Suburgatory” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.

Posted by:Rick Porter