suburgatory malin akerman 'Suburgatory': Malin Akerman is Tessa's mom“Suburgatory” teased at the end of last season that Tessa’s absent mom might enter the picture. Now it’s certain.

The ABC comedy has cast Malin Akerman (“Watchmen,” “Childrens Hospital”) as Alex, Tessa’s (Jane Levy) mom and George’s (Jeremy Sisto) ex, a singer-songwriter who’s never been a part of her daughter’s life. She’ll appear in at least two episodes this season as Alex spends the holidays with the Altmans.

“This was an extensive search for the right actress to play such a pivotal role in our show,” creator Emily Kapnek, who says she’s a “huge, nerdy fan” of Akerman’s, tells TVLine. “It turned out to be well worth the wait. She’s funny, gorgeous and incredibly charismatic, and I know her chemistry with Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy is going to be off the charts.”

Akerman’s other credits include “Rock of Ages,” “Couples Retreat” and the upcoming “Stolen.” She’s set to play Blondie singer Debbie Harry in the movie “CBGB” that’s due in theaters next year.

“Suburgatory” premieres on Oct. 17. What do you think of the casting?

Posted by:Rick Porter