suburgatory cheryl hines season one finale abc 'Suburgatory' Season 2 spoilers from creator Emily Kapnek: George and Dallas and Tessa's mom?“Suburgatory” has been renewed for Season 2 and Zap2it got a chance to chat with creator Emily Kapnek about what’s coming. Kapnek was surprisingly open about what the writers have planned, including a hook up for George (Jeremy Sisto) and Dallas (Cheryl Hines), and Tessa’s (Jane Levy) mother playing a prominent role.

Kapnek says she’s looking for the perfect woman to play Tessa’s mom and she didn’t want to rush by doing it in the first season. “When we come back, we’ll probably do a bit of a leap ahead and do some flashback stuff to how that plays out.”

She also tells us that, though it won’t be a joint custody thing, Tessa will be spending some time with her mom. George has a bit of empty nest syndrome, right about the same time that Dallas does. “This could set the stage for some really fun stuff.”

It doesn’t look like Eden (Alicia Silverstone) is going to be back very much, sadly. “Eden is probably going to withdraw from Chatswin. I would, if I were her. I don’t think she thinks in her heart that she can finish out her pregnancy in a healthy way there. We’ll reconcile some of their relationship stuff in snippets.”

Lisa (Allie Grant) just found out that it was her brother Ryan (Parker Young) and not her who was adopted, much to her chagrin. “Ryan really is the one that stands out from the family, and it would make much more sense … we’re thinking about who his birth mother is and having her surface and the frenzy that would create with Sheila (Ana Gasteyer) … you talk about great casting opportunities. Who is ‘the body’s’ mother?

She continues, “A lot of the stuff we talked about for Season 2 are these great parallels. Well if Ryan has — and we haven’t really decided if we’re going to have Lisa spill this information — I think there is something really great in her desperation. Of her saying to herself, ‘Okay, if he finds out, if there is any chance that he leaves, it’s just going to be. It’s going to just be me with them and that just can’t happen. So watching her trying to make Ryan happy for once and really cater to her brother for once is so delicious that I think it’s not worth spilling the big juicy secret.” But, keeping a secret like this will make Lisa’s head explode! We can’t wait to see what happens.

“I think they [Tessa and Ryan] have great chemistry,” Kapnek says. “It’s one of those things. We wanted to do that storyline early on, which we did, where Tessa hates herself for falling for this jock, and that was a given. What we really didn’t anticipate was how great their chemistry would be. And how endearing Ryan is… I think that one of the areas that I’m really excited about on the going forward basis is is exploring the idea of Tessa, not only missing Chatswin, but missing people in Chatswin that she didn’t expect to miss”.

She also says George and Dallas have a possible future in Season 2. “I really think that this is the season that is coming for them. I don’t want to drag it out forever. And it really makes sense to me, especially with the empty nest syndrome thing, that they would fall into that sort of pattern. I love the idea of, not embarrassment, but dating someone who you just didn’t see yourself with. I think about those parallels, for George and Tessa to have that common ground might be like, wow. It’s not what i anticipated, but I feel it. it’s real.”

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