the neighbors suburgatory abc 'Suburgatory': Timeslot switch with 'The Neighbors' makes for a better fit, ABC saysThe timeslot switch for ABC comedies “Suburgatory” and “The Neighbors” makes for a better fit for both shows, ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee says.

When ABC announced its 2012-13 schedule in the spring, it had “Suburgatory” staying in the 8:30 p.m. Wednesday spot it held last season and “The Neighbors” — a new show about a family who moves into a community populated by aliens — in the prime 9:30 p.m. spot following “Modern Family.” When the network announced its season premiere dates on Thursday (July 26), however, the two shows had switched spots.

“The Neighbors” will premiere after “Modern Family” on Sept. 26, but the following week it moves back an hour, following “The Middle.” Lee explains, “We want to give it that big push [for the premiere] because we’re very proud of it, and we’re going to market it. But then I wanted to protect it. … I think it sits better in the 8 o’clock hour.”

“Suburgatory,” which is entering its second season, will now have the benefit of a “Modern Family” lead-in, and Lee also thinks it will make for good flow in the later part of ABC’s Wednesday night.

“‘Suburgatory is such a good show,” he says. “We think that’s going to be a a really good bridge for ‘Modern Family’ through to ‘Nashville,’ maybe a better bridge than ‘Neighbors.'”

“The Neighbors” debuts on Sept. 26, while “Suburgatory” will open its second season on Oct. 17.

Posted by:Rick Porter