subway eat fresh Subway introduces $2 six inch sandwich

Subway’s menu choices are about to become even more affordable. (Yes, it is apparently possible!)
According to USA Today, the fast food chain is set to announce that it’s introducing a $2 deal to its menus that would allow hungry sandwich seekers to purchase a 6-inch sandwich for pennies. Well, 200 pennies, but still.
The deal will only apply to the chain’s basic cold cut and meatball sandwiches, but it’s still quite the bargain. USA Today reports that the thinking is consumers will probably spend more than the $2 they go in for, so it works out just fine for the company.
We’re all for this deal, especially since it means you could conceivably get two 6-inch sandwiches for $1 less than a $5 footlong. But is it bad that our first thought was “What kind of annoying jingle are they going to force on us for this?” Since two-dollar-six-inch doesn’t have the alliterative flair of five-dollar-foot-long, we’re hoping they’ll pass on the silly song. 

Posted by:Jean Bentley