vanessa hudgens angelina jolie action babes 'Sucker Punch': How does Vanessa Hudgens stack up to Angelina Jolie?

Here’s the first look at Vanessa Hudgens “Sucker Punch” costume. And a glimpse at what she has called her “massive gun.” And call us crazy but with the costume, the guns, long dark hair, smoldering eyes and full lips, she kinda reminds us of a younger Angelina Jolie as “Lara Croft.”

Vanessa reportedly plays a stripper/hooker named Blondie in the high-powered action thriller set in the 1950s. But she sure looks more like an action babe to us.

“Sucker Punch” is about a young girl (“Lemony Snicket’s” Emily Browning) who is put into a mental institution by her evil (aren’t they always?) stepfather.She finds an alternative reality to escape from her real life nightmare.

]]> Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood and Abbie Cornish. “It’s very much an ensemble piece,” Hudgens tells HitFix. “It’s these five girls in this crazy fantasy land.” She also tells MTV, “I think all of us loved it so much. We’re all strong individuals and when you give us a gun … you kind of unleash something.”  Come back for more on Zap2it‘s unleashed Comic-Con report. The movie isn’t due out until March 2011, so get your “Sucker” fix from the Saturday (July 24) panel. Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credits:  Warner Bros, Paramount

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead