Sugarland.jpgThe band Sugarland has denied any wrongdoing in a negligence lawsuit, claiming that a fatal stage collapse last year at an Indiana State Fair was “a true accident, or act of God.” The suit was filed by several families affected by the incident, according to CNN.

The stage collapse, which happened during a storm back in August 2011 left seven people dead and more than 40 injured. The country duo said in a response to the suit that “they had nothing to do with the construction of the venue” and that the collapse was caused by a “gust of wind of unprecedented intensity,”

Indiana State Fair Commission paid a $6,300 fine after the fair failed to conduct the correct safety evaluations earlier this month. Does it seem strange to you that it’s the band being sued and not the venue? According to the site, Sugarland claims that they didn’t even have a say about whether or not the band would perform that day though the other side debates that. Let us know your thoughts.

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