suits exclusive clip screengrab 'Suits' clip: David Costabile and Gabriel Macht in a courtroom power struggleThis season on “Suits,” we’ve already seen some major shake-ups. Now that Jessica (Gina Torres) is in on Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) and Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) enormous deception, the entire premise of the show has been flipped on its head.

In tonight’s June 28 episode, “Meet the New Boss,” name partner Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) returns to the firm full-time and does very little to veil his resentment toward Jessica and Harvey for pushing him out years ago.

In his first meeting upon coming “home” to the firm, Daniel assures the team that he’s there in a number two capacity, to support Jessica. “Just think of me like a seasoned advisor,” he suggests. “Like Bill to Hillary… if she’d won.”

Jessica assigns Harvey to a case involving one of the firm’s most important clients, a hospital whose nurses are threatening to strike. When Daniel feels that his history with the client is being undermined, though, he makes a serious power play in the courtroom. As fans of the show know, Harvey isn’t one to go down without a fight. Check out the clip below, seen first on Zap2it.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie