It’s time for another flashback episode on “Suits” when “The Other Time” airs on Tuesday (Aug. 20). Since this episode heads back 10 years and focuses on the characters of Harvey and Donna, it’s good to get some perspective on it all from the actors who play them, Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty.

Check out what they had to say about the characters’ past, romantic possibilities and that pesky can opener in this interview.

Obviously, one of the highlights of the flashback episode has to be the early relationship between Donna and Harvey. The actors agree with the fans on this one. “I’m always intrigued by Harvey and Donna’s relationship and why it’s so sort of extraordinarily symbiotic,” Rafferty said. “I feel like the flashback goes to kind of their roots. It fills in any kind of gaps that you might have. You’re just like, ‘Oh yeah, oh okay, so that’s why they’re that way.'”

Just don’t expect things to get super romantic between the co-workers. “Harvey doesn’t sleep with anybody he works with, and we’re gonna learn why,” Macht explained cryptically.

If they weren’t lovers in the past, what were Harvey and Donna like? It sounds like we can expect two people who take things a little easier in the world. “Their given circumstances are not at all like their given circumstances are in the present,” Rafferty said. “So they have a looser kind of banter and they’re having more fun and they’re really comfortable with each other.”

What makes such a difference? “They don’t have the weight of the merger and what’s going on with Jessica,” Rafferty went on to explain. “And Mike hasn’t been in. Mike doesn’t exist. The weight of that just isn’t on their life, and they’re 10 years younger. They’re sort of just starting out.”

One of the expected highlights of the flashbacks is the reveal — after two and a half seasons — of where that can opener came from. Not that they’re going to tell us everything. “You are gonna learn about the origin of the kitchen utensil,” Macht said while laughing. The actor wouldn’t elaborate on what we will learn, but it does sound exciting. “When we did the first read through, all of us, like our eyes popped out and we were like, ‘Whoa, what is … What did we do in that?'” Macht said. “Then they had to really clean it up.”

Despite the changes and the time jump, however, at least one thing will be the same in the flashback: Harvey and Donna are a team. “They’re really great at illuminating why he becomes the guy he is and why they become the team that they are,” Sarah Rafferty said of the “Suits” characters. “And that’s what I love about it. I love their team-ness.”

Audiences will see that same “team-ness” on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 10pm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown