Are you one of those foolish people who has not yet gotten around to watching “Suits”? If so, that’s unfortunate. But now you have no excuse: Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman (who play Donna and Louis Litt, respectively, on the show) have provided viewers both new and old with a two-minute summary of everything you need to know before watching the second half of “Suits” Season 2.

It’s quite entertaining.

Watching the video, you may wonder whether or not Rafferty and Hoffman are in character. The answer is probably no, but they definitely are channeling their alter-egos a little bit in terms of attitude. That just makes it funnier.

What are some of the highlights of “Suits” so far?

  • It seems that neither Sarah Rafferty nor Donna thinks Louis is the best lawyer.
  • It is safe to say that Hoffman knows the big twist — that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is not actually a lawyer — even if Louis remains in the dark about the show’s central secret.
  • Donna is amazing. This is important to note.
  • Although they don’t mention it directly, it is probably important to tell a new viewer that Hardman (David Costabile) is defeated and forced out by Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Mike and Jessica (Gina Torres) at the end of the first half of season 2.
  • On Rachel (Meghan Markle): “Mike really likes her. But then he dates someone else. And then he kisses her. And then he breaks it off. And then he kisses her again. And then…” Pretty much sums it up.

“Suits” returns with new episodes beginning on Thursday, Jan. 17. The first episode back, “Blind-Sided,” will find Mike struggling to separate his personal feelings from a criminal case at the firm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown