sarah rafferty gina torres suits feb 2012 nbc 'Suits' Gina Torres: Donna's firing 'had to be done'Hold onto your seats, folks! The next few episodes of USA’s “Suits” are going to knock our socks off.

Zap2it recently chatted with “Suits” star, Gina Torres, aka Jessica Pearson, about what to expect from this season’s upcoming episodes, beginning with this week’s (August 2).
“It’s a pretty intense episode. Lots will be revealed. We’ll see sides of people that we have not seen before,” Torres says. “Buttons will be pushed. Beginning this week, pretty much to the end of this season, hold on!”
But what about Donna (Sarah Rafferty)? Will we see her quipping with Harvey from behind her desk anytime soon?
“[The situation] is not pretty,” says Torres. “If Donna comes back [to the firm], it’s because she’s proven herself. She just can’t come back because Harvey (Gabriel Macht) wants her to come back.”
Season 2 has definitely been full of adversity for the firm of Pearson Hardman — enough to put strains on any of the characters’ relationships. Yet, it seems Jessica and Harvey’s has only grown stronger, despite Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) lie and Donna’s departure.

“The firing of Donna was something that had to be done,” Torres admits. “That was very necessary, and no one faults Jessica for that. She’s trying to save the firm, and she’s trying to save Harvey. Harvey and Jessica have to get to a different place now, and move through what he did, which could have ended Pearson Hardman.”

As for office politics and the threat of Daniel Hardman (David Costabile), expect to see the returning partner remain in the role of Season 2’s antagonist. We’ve already seen Hardman meddle with Louis (Rick Hoffman), but  keep in mind, “Harvey and Jessica are still waiting for the shoe to drop.”
Torres also teases about Episode 8, or as we’ve come to call it, the flashback episode, that takes us back five years.

“Daniel is at the firm, and he’s managing partner. It’s the beginning of the end of the old regime. You see the beginning of the relationships that we introduced last season, and have built upon this season.” She jokes, “It’s an origins piece, like ‘X-men Origins: Wolverine.'”

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Posted by:Teny Akay