suits hardman usa 'Suits': Hardman is back, but whose side is he on?The impending presence of Pearson Hardman’s other name partner, Daniel Hardman, has been looming over our favorite characters on “Suits” since the Season 2 premiere. But now that he’s back in the office, how has the dynamic changed?

Well, like Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams and Gina Torres all told Zap2it when we visited the Toronto set in May, although Hardman was a despicable guy in the past, he’s trying to let people know that he’s changed his stripes.

But as we saw in “Meet the New Boss,” Hardman and Harvey still have very different attitudes toward practicing law, and both took the opportunity to manipulate Mike into helping them get their way. Harvey won this round, but has Hardman really changed? We’re inclined to side with Harvey in this fight.

While the previous two episodes of Season 2 were much more tense and filled with plenty of OMG moments, “Meet the New Boss” seemed more focused on the dynamics between the characters — which is a good thing.

The moment between Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike in her office while she was filling out her online dating profile was gorgeous, which made the moment when she visited Mike at home and asked him point blank why he couldn’t be with her all the more heartbreaking. The two have wonderful chemistry together, and it seemed that although Rachel accepted she and Mike can’t be in a relationship right now, she didn’t rule it out in the future. There’s something for them both to hold on to, which means there’s something for us fans to hold on to too. Plus, she took the LSATs again! Sisters doing it for themselves. Love that.

Another wonderful relationship moment came when Jessica told Lewis what a great job he was doing, and he told her that he’d love a chance to prove himself. Jessica finally realized what she needed to do to bring out the best in one of her best employees — he’s a hard worker, but not as showy as Harvey and she needs to acknowledge that.

What did you think of the episode? Should Hardman be trusted? And which key relationship moment resonated with you the most?

Posted by:Jean Bentley