suits mike rachel dinner usa 'Suits' makes 'The Choice' for Rachel and Mike (and Harvey and Jessica)For a minute there, it looked like “Suits” was actually going to give us the Mike Ross/Rachel Zane romance we’ve all been clamoring for. Well, it was nice while it lasted — less than an episode — because obviously there’s no way those two crazy kids could get together in the second episode of the season.

While the chemistry between Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle is always a pleasure to watch, we’re content to watch their connection simmer for a little while longer. Besides, love triangles are no fun if they’re resolved right away.

Plus, there are bigger things going on at Pearson Hardman to worry about. With Hardman heading back to the office, Jessica needs to take stock of which of the firm’s senior partners will ally with her and which will side with their returning leader.

Unfortunately, Jessica realizes that her friendship with Harvey is actually a liability because of his off-putting, “my way is best” attitude. While he’s not wrong — he gets results — he needs to realize that sometimes there are more important things than winning. Unfortunately (again), he realizes that too late — after he’s betrayed Jessica.

So while “The Choice” split up Mike and Rachel, it could’ve also split up Jessica and Harvey. Did he realize what he’d done too late to repair their relationship?

Other notes: Louis’ time will definitely come — Hardman’s return will absolutely give him a time to shine. And how about Donna’s admission (sort of) that she and Harvey were once a thing?

What did you think of the episode? Do you wish Mike and Rachel had stayed together a little bit longer? And what do you think of Harvey’s behavior?

Posted by:Jean Bentley