suits harvey mike home patrick adams gabriel macht 'Suits' mid season finale: Harvey and Mike get the can opener and four more things to expectThis week’s mid-season finale of “Suits” caps off a run of ten episodes that quickly launched the show to the top of our must-watch list for summer. This episode, “High Noon,” isn’t quite as good as “Sucker Punch,” the series’ best episode yet, but it comes close.

The episode advances some of the relationships considerably. We’ll see Harvey (Gabriel Macht) loosen his tie as he does his best to be there for Mike during this dark time. Patrick J. Adams gives his most moving performance yet as Mike eulogizes his grandmother at the funeral. Rachel’s strength and integrity in this episode is remarkable, and Donna is as awesome as ever. We would expect nothing less.

1. The result of the vote is revealed in the first two minutes of the episode. The promo video below should give you a good idea as to which way things swing. The fight for control of Pearson Hardman doesn’t end there, though. With a continuing power struggle and Harvey refusing to cave, it becomes very clear that the worst is not over.

2. Look for a fun role reversal
that will call back to the first season in a big way. While Harvey faces a drug test at work (that he’s in major danger of failing, mind you) Mike pulls one of Harvey’s signature moves. If you haven’t seen the pilot episode in a while, you might want to dust off those DVDs to refresh your memories.

3. Harvey tells Mike what he and Donna do with the can opener. We’re pretty sure the next step in their relationship is marriage. But seriously — this is a great episode for the bromance. As Adams shared earlier this month, Harvey and Mike take their friendship outside the office and get more personal than they ever have before.

4. Donna and Harvey aren’t going to make out.
Sigh. If, like us, you’ve been dying for more development in the Harvey/Donna relationship… don’t hold your breath. There’s a little of their typical flirtation, but we won’t revisit the question of deeper feelings between them in this episode. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed that it’ll be explored when the show returns this winter.

5. Elisabeth Hower makes her first guest starring appearance as Tess, an old girlfriend of Mike’s. They’ve got a lot of history, and she’s definitely willing to comfort him as he grieves. There’s no denying that he and Rachel have been growing closer over the last few weeks, though. He’s got a decision to make. 

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie