suits season 2 harvey mike usa 'Suits': Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht on Mike and Harvey's evolving relationship in Season 2“Suits” is back for Season 2 on Thursday, June 14, bringing summer’s best bromance with it. But the dynamic between hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his not-actually-a-lawyer protege Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) will definitely change, now that Mike’s more confident in his ability and the secret might be out.

On a recent visit to the Toronto “Suits” set, Macht explains to Zap2it that the pair’s relationship will evolve as Harvey becomes more overtly affectionate toward his mentee.”There is the mentor thing, there is the big brother thing,” he says. “Harvey sees so much of himself in Mike. I think in this season, Harvey used to stand up for people behind their backs, and now he’s doing a little bit more in front of them. He’s saying, ‘You’re not gonna get called out on my watch,’ or ‘You’re not gonna get fired.’ He is gonna stand up for him more.”

Adams says it’ll help that Mike is growing into his own as a lawyer. “There’s two things always going on. There’s a deepening of friendship — I think the mentor thing becomes a mutual respect, you know. In the first season I was falling all over myself a lot, dropping files and late, not figuring it out. I think in this season I’m becoming a little bit more confident in what I can do and what I’m capable of, and he sees that and gives me more to do on my own, hopefully, moving down the road. At the same time I think there’s going to be an evolution of his way of winning and my way of winning.”

That said, Harvey’s not going to all of a sudden become Mike’s BFF — but they will get closer. “The funny thing is, I think he trusts Mike more than anybody else,” Adams says. “Whether or not he tells him that is another story. But I think he absolutely will [open up to Mike more], and I think it’ll create a lot more interesting moments for the show and when he is able to reveal a little bit more of himself. Yeah, I look forward to that.”

Ultimately, Mike and Harvey are linked whether they like it or not. “It’s a complex relationship. I get the impression that we’re getting to the point where they’re both just so involved in each other’s lives for better or worse now that it’s kind of like one goes down the other goes down.”

Elsewhere in Season 2, we’ll also see some developments in each man’s personal life that will affect his outlook on everything. 

“The love life, the personal life, I think, comes into a little clearer focus in the first few episodes,” Adams teases. “Grammy’s coming back and I’m spending more time with her, which I’m happy about. It’s a really important element for Mike. The love life heats up a little bit, but I won’t speak too much to the specifics.”

The show will delve deeper into Harvey’s backstory as well. “I did read in an episode where some of his family is referenced,” Macht says. “It moves Harvey in a different way when his family’s referenced. So, I think we’re gonna see some connection to that. And I am so excited for that.”

He continues: “Maybe when his family comes into question — if we see some of his family, or see where he comes from, we can peek into why he is the way he is. There are times, though, in his relationship with Jessica where some of the mask sort of falls, and you see a bit more of his insecurities. I don’t think he tries to let anybody else see it. Donna I think sees it.”

Speaking of everyone’s favorite secretary, Macht says there are some great Donna-centric storylines coming up as well. “We’re gonna see some really, really interesting things happen with Donna’s character, and some of their past, and how she makes her successes and her failures along the way, which is gonna be really quite dynamic.”

“Suits” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on USA.

Posted by:Jean Bentley