With so much deception in the “Suits” episode, “Shadow of a Doubt,” it’s good that some of the dialog was able to keep things lighter. The lines were so good, in fact, that there is no way to better celebrate the episode than with the best quotes from Harvey, Donna, Louis and the rest.

“You fit the dentist in at lunch?” – Harvey
“He can be surprisingly quick. Yet remarkably thorough.” – Donna

“You’re letting your Mini Me make your arguments now?” – Cameron
“You let your mustache?” – Harvey

“Turn bulls*** highway into … fact highway!” – Mike

“At this firm, we instruct, we advise, we order, we must, but we do not shall!” – Louis

“A memo from Nigel is not going to stick its boot in your a**. A memo from me will. Get out.” – Louis

“Well doesn’t he have his hand in a lot of cookie jars …” – Rachel on Stephen and Donna’s relationship

“You want me to be the Mike to your Harvey!” – Rachel
“I do want you to be the Mike to my Harvey.” – Mike
“Yeah, well it’s not really a thing.” – Rachel
“It can be!” – Mike
“I get to ask half the questions.” – Rachel
“Harvey doesn’t let Mike ask half the questions.” – Mike
“Fine. One third.” – Rachel
“Harvey doesn’t negotiate with Mike.” – Mike
“Mike doesn’t have sex with Harvey.” – Rachel
“One third of the questions seems reasonable to me.” – Mike

“Outside mud is a clear violation of club policies!” – Louis to Nigel

“I’m certainly not going to let the likes of you tell me who I can and cannot blow.” – Louis, thinking he’s talking about glass

“I’m sleeping with Stephen!” – Donna
“I can see that.” – Harvey

“I didn’t know you were a cat man!” – Nigel
“Do I have a brain in my head? Do I have a heart in my chest? Who is this stunning creature?” – Louis

“I happen to have a way with those of the feline persuasion.” – Louis

“She’s not consistent with the potatoes.” – Mike to Rachel’s father

“So what happens when she gets into Stanford?” – Rachel’s father to Mike

“I like you Stephen. And I have enjoyed our short-term arrangement, but I do not enjoy complications.” – Donna

“I’m afraid I’ve got a bit of a sticky wicket.” – Nigel
“That sounds uncomfortable.” – Louis

“Can we please not fight about what to call our fight?” – Mike

“You went to Jessica for help.” – Stephen
“You have a problem with that?” – Harvey
“No. I just think it’s ironic that she doesn’t realize she just helped you dig her own grave.” – Stephen

“I’m here with a gesture of my own.” – Jessica, offering to put Harvey’s name on the door

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