suits blood in the water harvey alison gabriel macht usa 'Suits' quotes: Brilliant things said in 'Blood in the Water'

Life is rough at Pearson Hardman.

Clients are losing confidence. Associates are jumping ship. Harvey and Louis aren’t acting like beloved Warner Bros. cartoon characters. Fortunately, the brilliant wordplay of “Suits” is enough to keep the audience loyal. Relive “Blood in the Water” with those words.

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) begins the episode by vacuuming up his pot (is that really the best way to do that?). But it’s not enough. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) had a bad meeting with an unsatisfied client. Not even morning ice cream from Donna (Sarah Rafferty) can fix this.

  • “Pearson Paulson sounds pretty good.” — Donna
  • “What happened? Do you want to talk about it? I have ice cream!” — Donna
  • “Which is why God made Chunky Monkey. It has chocolate and bananas. Bananas are part of a healthy breakfast. And who cares about bananas? It has chocolate. You caught me — I don’t even eat the bananas.” — Donna
  • “I’ll have Donna send you some fuzzy slippers. It will be fine.” — Harvey
  • “Oh, you sweet, sweet… Wait. What did you do wrong?” — Donna
  • “I love the smell of litigation in the morning!” — Mike
  • “People don’t leave me!” — Harvey
  • “Deciding to be late to get your sh*t together is not getting your shit together!” — Harvey
  • “Your job is to help me, not to screw me!” — Harvey
  • “I don’t think kicking the dog is going to help.” — Donna

Harvey isn’t the only one feeling the sting. Louis (Rick Hoffman) is losing clients too. This is very bad news for sweet, insecure Harold (Max Topplin). Harold loses his job. At least the other firms are ready and willing to snap up any associate popping out of the Pearson Hardman factory.

  • “Screw Harvey! I mean, what’s he done for you?” — Jimmy
  • “Manatee. The slow, gentle cow of the sea…” — Mike, “It’s a shark, actually.” — Harold
  • “He’s an idiot savant, minus the savant.” — Louis
  • “I tell you the rats are jumping ship and you say it’s fine. But Donna nods and you’re busting out the lifejackets?” — Mike

The tension turns out to be enough to lead to a showdown between Harvey and Louis.

  • “Maybe Hardman wanted me dead, but you’re the one who went out, got the gun, aimed it and fired it at my head!” — Harvey to Louis
  • “Here’s what’s gonna happen now. You and I? We’re done. Don’t drop by my office. Don’t ask Donna for information. You’re the guy that nobody wants but we can’t get rid of… I can’t make you leave. But as far as I’m concerned, you don’t work here anymore.” — Harvey to Louis

Because law-firm problems are not enough, Mike also gets jumped by Tess’ angry husband. This at least gives Louis a chance to show his humanity and to salvage his position in Harvey’s eyes.

  • “Use other people’s antibacterial cream? Please, I might as well give myself a staph infection.” — Louis
  • “We were never Elmer and Bugs. We were Ralph and Sam… Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog… They came to the meadow every day to work, friendly. But then when they punched in the clock, Ralph would try to steal the sheep, Sam would stop him. I mean, it was brutal. And then they’d punch out again, friends. And that was me and Harvey. Harvey’s not punching out anymore.” — Louis

In the end, Harvey and Pearson Hardman come out ahead. But will it be enough in the long run?

  • “It’s not on the menu, but may I suggest the I-got-my-a*s-kicked-martini? It goes well with the second-tier-law-firm potato skins.” — Harvey
  • “I want my name on the door.” — Harvey
  • “One day, what he is isn’t going to make up for what he isn’t.” — Jessica on Mike

And Harvey tears up Louis’ letter of resignation without a word. Because sometimes even the best words aren’t as good as silence.

Posted by:Laurel Brown