suits usa 'Suits' recap: Harvey vs. HardmanThe firm is trying to work out a labor dispute between the nurses’ union and a hospital chain, but even Harvey’s closing skills can only do so much against a tough negotiator, played by Margo Martindale. Further complicating matters is the fact that Daniel Hardman is back at work and interfering in the case. Harvey takes that even less well, and it ends up being the nurses who suffer, as Harvey screws them as hard as he can in order to beat Hardman.

Hardman’s also messing with Harvey by involving Mike in his efforts with the case, dispatching him for back-channel negotiations with Margo Martindale. Mike introduces her to his Grammy and learns a little about what the union wants and why it wants it, and takes that back to Harvey and Hardman. But Harvey can’t stand a win-win situation unless both of the winners are himself, so he uses Mike’s Grammy-gotten info to screw the nurses even harder. Congrats, Harvey.

Jessica takes Louis to task about his tendency to make the associates so miserable that Harvard is threatening to stop letting the firm recruit on campus. Louis doesn’t mind unhappy associates, but responds by inviting a Harvard rep in to check things out. She’s supposed to be like a female version of Louis, and he’s into her, but when she tells him that the associates think they work harder than he does, he’s so stung he proves them wrong. And impresses Jessica in the process. He’s still hurt, though, but at least Jessica seems to realize it.

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