suits usa 'Suits' recap: The GamblerWith Donna gone, Harvey tuxes up Mike and drags him to Atlantic City for what looks like an homage to the first act of Swingers, but it turns out there’s actually a client there — and he just lost his company to some punk in a poker game. With Mike’s help, Harvey struggles heroically to nullify the contract written drunkenly on a cocktail napkin, but it’s an uphill battle, and the opposing counsel is no slouch either. Mike proposes changing the game by threatening to bring the company down rather than handing it over to the punk, and that’s what Harvey does. But he also throws in an unorthodox option of his own: playing poker for the company.

With regard to the ongoing fraud lawsuit against Pearson Hardman, a judge is dismissing a key motion that the firm needs. Jessica goes to visit her, only to find out it’s an old law school classmate. Whom Jessica liquored up, stripped naked, and humiliated back in the day, and she’s still not over it. Jessica tries to force the judge to recuse herself by making a huge donation to her reelection campaign, but the judge only wants one thing: an admission from Jessica that she not only embarrassed her, but deliberately sabotaged her chances for a job Jessica wanted too. Now, you know and I know Jessica did no such thing, but she freely confesses to it anyway, for Harvey’s sake.

In the show’s ongoing search for something for Rachel to do, she ends up doing some associate work with Louis, for a ballet company. Like Mike before here, Rachel ends up working well with him, not least because of their shared passion for the dance. A setback briefly rocks Louis, but Rachel inspires him to pull out a win. The overall relevance is that while she has temporary custody of Louis’s beloved Dictaphone, Mike gets a hold of it and discovers Louis’s recording of Harvey’s and Mike’s conversation that caused so much trouble a few episodes ago. So what’s Mike going to do next?

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