suits usa 'Suits' recap: Who Mocks the Mock TrialSince Harvey and Jessica are insisting on going to trial to defend Harvey against Travis Tanner’s fraud suit aimed at disbarring him, Daniel Hardman wants to practice with a trial run. Louis is the natural choice to play Tanner, what with his hatred of Harvey and devious nature, and Rachel can play Donna since Harvey’s ex-assistant is too pissed at him to come in and plans to plead the fifth anyway. Also, Harvey’s brought in a jury consultant, a former Pearson Hardman employee whose pants he once tried to enter. Mike’s job is to help Louis be as nasty as Tanner will be, but Louis goes above and beyond when Donna actually shows up for the trial run and Louis humiliates her on the stand. The good news is that Harvey’s protectiveness toward Donna started to sway the “jury,” and Harvey’s defense attorney, Jessica, proceeds to complete a picture of Harvey as a man who wants to win, but fairly. She clinches the fake case by getting Louis himself to admit that he doesn’t believe Harvey is guilty.

But Mike isn’t convinced that will work at a real trial, since Tanner isn’t about to do what Louis did. So he’s hard at work digging through Tanner’s old cases to find something to use against him. Hardman, who’s been pushing for a settlement all along, volunteers to help. Sure enough, Tanner ends up bringing a settlement deal that lets Harvey off the hook, thanks to something Hardman found and “leveraged.” Harvey and Jessica remain suspicious of Hardman’s motives, especially now that he’s essentially blackmailed the opposing counsel, but Mike argues that Harvey should take the deal. When it comes to a vote of the partners, it’s split down the middle. Harvey, the swing vote, decides to settle. But no sooner is that decided than Hardman calls for another vote: one on whether the firm is going to be run by Jessica or himself. Well, look who turned out to be the bad guy after all. Jessica had better hope Harvey will be the swing vote on this one, too.

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