donna suits season 2 sarah rafferty 'Suits' Sarah Rafferty on Donna's big mistakeIf there’s one thing we know about Donna, the unflappable, loyal, sharp-tongued secretary on “Suits,” is that she’s always right. Except — as we learned during last week’s episode — sometimes she gets it very, very wrong.

On a recent visit to the Toronto set of the USA series, star Sarah Rafferty told Zap2it that the most shocking thing about Season 2 so far was the revelation that Donna makes a mistake. As we saw in “Discovery,” she signed for a very key piece of evidence in an old case that promptly got buried, and now Harvey and the firm are in hot water because of it.

“We were at a cast dinner with the writers and producers in L.A. before we left and I made some joke. They were talking about Donna and I was like, ‘Well, Donna’s always right.’ And all the writers looked at each other and were like ‘Mm hm, except when she’s wrong,'” Rafferty says with a laugh.

She was shocked. “I think I turned red and was blushing and was like ‘What, what, huh? How dare you? Like there’s no way that she can be wrong?’ And they were like, ‘You don’t know how wrong she’s going to be.'”

So, now that we know exactly what Donna did, how will she react to her mistake? “I think that’s incredibly confusing to
her. I think she’s just always been right, but she’s really, really thrown by something that happens.”

Don’t expect things to fix themselves in one episode, either. “I was told by one of the writers that it doesn’t really
resolve for a few episodes,” Rafferty says, so “that that kind of lingering confusion
and doubt and remorse are there. So that’s a great opportunity for that mask to kind of fall.”

By nature, Donna likes to play different parts. But now that she’s in trouble at work, that confidence melts away. “Donna loves putting on different masks. She’s an actress. She likes
role playing in that way, in an actory way. You get a chance to see that fall away,” Rafferty explains.

What do you think of a more vulnerable Donna?

“Suits” airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on USA.

Posted by:Jean Bentley