“Suits” has been lying to us: Someone has beaten Harvey Specter in court. Well, technically the defeat came in mock trial back in law school, but Harvey isn’t over it yet. It’s kind of like how Louis never gets over anything, a fact that is beginning to hurt everyone.

How bad does it get? A recap of “Moot Point” shows the cracks in the lies that uphold Pearson Specter.

Harvey’s version of Minnie Mouse ears

Mike is really happy to have not lost his job and gone to jail, so he’s in gift-giving mode. Rachel is easy — he gives her a framed photo in which she wears a child Minnie Mouse costume.

But then there’s Harvey. It’s really hard to buy a gift for the man who quite literally has everything.

Thanks to Donna, Mike finds out that there is, in fact, one gift that Harvey has always wanted: He wants to go up against A. Elliot Stempel — aka, the guy who beat Harvey at mock trial in law school. And Mike finds a nice, nondescript lawsuit between tech companies that should fit the bill just fine.

Here’s the thing about Stempel: He’s slimy and totally unlikable. We’re talking about a man who makes Louis Litt seem the very portrait of charisma. Still, the guy is obviously smart. He was smart enough to beat Harvey — something basically no one else has ever done.

Can Harvey win this time?

Playing dirty is just what he wants

What seems to be an easy case of outwitting Stempel turns out to be much harder than first expected. Harvey and Mike think they caught the guy admitting to tampering with testimony and data results. But the microphone doesn’t catch and record the sounds. Harvey questions Stempel’s star analyst, only to have the opposing counsel use that testimony to start up a new lawsuit claiming copyright infringement.

Even when Stempel “admits” to cheating back in those mock trials — something he may or may not have done — it’s all just part of the plan to manipulate Harvey.

It almost works too. Harvey and Jessica have just agreed that the best offense is not to fight when Mike figures out Stempel’s game. He has actually been angling for a settlement that will win his mega-tech company client a fancy glue. Apparently, this glue is the future of microchip technology or something. Whatever the case, there is no settlement that would be more valuable than just getting this key tool.

Caught, Stempel has no choice but to make his client admit to wrongdoing and pay a settlement to the Pearson Specter client.

Mike learns a harsh truth about his lie

Happy ending, right?

Yeah, not so much for Mike. It seems that a legal magazine wants to interview the lawyer who got a Fortune 500 company to admit wrongdoing. Mike is cool with sharing the credit — this was his gift to Harvey — but Jessica points out it’s more than that.

Mike can’t be in the spotlight at all. Any attention paid to this genius associate, and the entire thing could come unraveled.

Is Mike going to be OK remaining in the shadows forever? Because he very obviously did not think of this before.

Scottie gets Litt up

Meanwhile at the firm, Scottie is ready to make her mark and she does it using jailhouse rules. Louis is the toughest, meanest lawyer around, so she picks a fight with him to show that she’s not just the boss’ girlfriend.

Louis, of course, doesn’t see it that way. He just sees a woman poaching his client and getting away with it.

The whole thing quickly turns into a battle of wits between two uber-intelligent and driven people. Minor interference from Harvey and Katrina (Hey! It’s Katrina! Hi Katrina!) is unimportant as two legal minds work to constantly out-maneuver each other.

“You really are a d***.” — Scottie
“I’m Moby-godd***ed-Dick. And you just swam in my waters.” — Louis

In the end, it looks like Scottie is going to be the winner, having found a bylaw that would destroy Louis’ position on the bylaw committee. So Louis takes a different angle: He asks Harvey to step in.

This is the central problem when it comes to Louis and the concept of friendship. He sees it always as a quid pro quo, not realizing that demanding payback is exactly what ruins friendships. But unfortunately, Harvey does owe Louis for backing off of Mike and the whole Harvard thing.

Harvey can’t say no. And he can’t tell Scottie why. So much for trust in that relationship — is this the all-too-soon beginning of the end for the Harvey-Scottie coupling?

And will Louis realize exactly how strong his leverage about Mike is when it comes to Harvey and Jessica? If he ever figures out this advantage, everything on “Suits” is pretty much over.

Posted by:Laurel Brown