As “Suits” comes to the end of Season 3, is there really “No Way Out” of the hole Harvey and Mike have been digging for the past few years? Can Mike still be a lawyer? Will Harvey have to pay for his own deceptions? Is everyone at Pearson Specter turning into Edward Darby?

And where is “Suits” going to go now, when the only solution seems to send Mike away and leave Harvey alone?

This can’t be good

Mike has decided to stay with Harvey and the law, which immediately leads to trouble and stress and wasted breakfast dates. It only gets worse when a bunch of really serious men from the US Attorneys’ office insist that Mike get in a limo, like it’s some kind of mob hit or something.

It might as well be death, as far as Mike is concerned. An extremely aggressive US attorney named Eric begins to grill Mike — but he isn’t asking about Mike’s false education or hacking into the New York Bar Association.

No, he wants to know what happened with Harold. Yes, that Harold.

This is that whole case with Darby from the first half of the season rearing its ugly head once again. Because of the shady nature of the whole thing, the government has decided that Mike and Harold were out to defraud the government on Harvey’s orders.

Everybody was kung fu fighting!

It wasn’t exactly kung fu, but it might as well have been. While Donna is out gathering info on Eric the US Attorney (because Donna has sources everywhere), the boys are all getting into it with each other.

Kwelling shows up at Pearson Specter rather annoyed that Harvey turned him in to the Bar Association. Actually, annoyed doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s more like spitting mad and spoiling for a fight. How often do you think lawyers get into actual physical fights in the halls of those high-powered law firms? I bet it’s pretty often.

Meanwhile, Harold ambushes Mike outside of Pearson Specter. There’s a little necessary brow-beating from Louis, but then the real issues start to come out. Harold got himself fired because of the new allegations, and he wants to know what’s going on.

But it’s not a good idea for Mike and Harold to be seen arguing, talking or being within a mile of each other — the US Attorneys swoop in and arrest them both. This isn’t just questioning anymore, it’s real crimes (including terrorism).

Louis Litt saves the day

When the chips are down and there is no solution to the problem, you don’t necessarily turn to Harvey Specter. You turn to Louis Litt.

He’s not the nicest guy. He doesn’t have Harvey’s charm or looks. But Louis gets the job done. When Harold Gunderson is involved, Louis will beat, harangue and otherwise terrorize reality to go in the desired direction.

That’s exactly what happens. Harvey heads into the interrogation room to try to convince Mike to flip on his mentor if necessary — throwing in an absolutely heartbreaking description of why he turned on his mother and her cheating. Louis, meanwhile, has gone to achieve the opposite with the nearly-confessing Harold.

When Louis is on your side, after all, who can be against you? Or, more correctly, who can be against you and actually win?

Time for the twists!

The day has been saved, thanks to the incredible intimidation brought by Harvey and Louis. Mike is back in the office, the US Attorneys have been quelled, and everyone can get on with their lives.

Except …

Scottie is still leaving. Jessica lets Harvey make the final decision on how it’s going to go, and he lets her out of the non-compete clause with little fuss. The question is: Will Scottie leave Harvey? That seems all but certain until — with no lead-up — Harvey spills the Mike-secret.

To her credit, Scottie barely reacts. It’s like she knows Harvey or something! Scottie also appears willing to stay quiet, especially when Harvey says he told only because he loves her.

Later on, there’s another, smaller twist when Harvey and Donna talk. Harvey is feeling bad about how he may have destroyed Kwelling in retribution. But he didn’t need to worry — Donna has Harvey’s back, just like she always does. And, like she always does, Donna is ahead of everyone. She stopped the case going to the Bar. Harvey doesn’t have to feel bad about that now.

This would all be an easy happily-ever-after ending if not for one more, huge twist: Mike is taking the investment banking job. His reason this time? It’s all because Harvey offered to throw himself on his own sword if that would save Mike.

Mike isn’t the only one who doesn’t want to feel bad anymore.

Season 4 — which begins in just a few short months — should be interesting.

Posted by:Laurel Brown