“Suits” is back for Season 3, and the show is as good as ever. Intricate plotting, perfect characters and ever-increasing tension mark the beginning of a new chapter at the law firm.

The only thing that could possibly make “Suits” any better is an invasion by “Game of Thrones”! And they’ve got that covered, with both Lord Varys and Lady Catelyn Stark arriving for the season.

Alas for our poor lawyers, isolation and antagonism are the words that best describe the excellent season opener, “The Arrangement.” There are alliances being formed (and re-formed), but this is a story of everyone out for him or herself in the face of a hostile world.

Thus, we take each of the characters in turn.

Mike (Patrick J. Adams)

As is so often the case — especially at the beginning of the season — Mike Ross is under a lot of stress. This isn’t much of a surprise. Harvey hates him for betraying his trust at the end of Season 2. Donna is disappointed that Mike couldn’t keep hold of his Harvey loyalty for even a second. Jessica is threatening him with jail and disgrace.

Oh, and Rachel is having a little trouble dealing with the fact that Mike didn’t actually go to Harvard and is therefore living a lie. Fortunately for Mike, she thinks he’s cute and therefore won’t rat on him.

Interestingly, it’s only Louis who is really in Mike’s corner as the third season begins. This usual enemy is the only one who is there for Mike — convincing the kid not to quit and helping set to right Mike’s sins against Harvey.

Mike has more or less redeemed himself by the end of the premiere. Using that arrogant computer geek’s knowledge, Mike turns the tables on Jessica, helps Harvey save the day and comes clean to Rachel about his past.

If only Harvey could forgive him, Mike would be living the good life now. But …

Harvey (Gabriel Macht)

Harvey Specter is an isolated man. He may have Donna loyal and on his side, but everyone else is an enemy going into Season 3. And really, it’s all Harvey’s fault.

Feeling betrayed by Mike, Harvey has basically chosen to write his associate out of existence. As for Jessica, Harvey is locked in a death battle with his old mentor. Both of them are out to control the firm, and neither will shy away from the other’s destruction if that’s what is necessary.

There is even tension with the newly arrived Brits. Harvey’s relationship with Scottie is, of course, a mess. He does manage to win her (and his humanity) back a little by enlisting Scottie’s help with some legal issues. But she still ends up on a plane to England.

And then there are the “Game of Thrones” people, head lawyer Edward Darby (Conleith Hill) and client Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley). Harvey is mostly out to play both of them to his own advantage — while winning of course.

Only time will tell whether Harvey’s move at the expense of Jessica will bear fruit.

Jessica (Gina Torres)

No matter how precarious her position (and it is precarious), Jessica Pearson is on top of the world in Season 3. Hardman is gone, vanquished at her hand. Harvey is at least nominally under control. Her name is first on the door.

Of course, Jessica has to deal with the fact that Darby is willing to stab her in the back at any point, Mike is still a liability and her greatest ally — Harvey — is suddenly out to get her. It’s turmoil that’s hiding under Jessica’s smooth facade.

Louis (Rick Hoffman)

In addition to helping out Mike and playing Hitler with Donna, Louis has a big problem on his hands: Someone has taken his snack bars and ballpoint pens!

Yes, in Louis’ world, these are tragedies of the highest importance. It turns out that the culprit is British Louis, a man stinging from Louis’ betrayal at the end of Season 2. The theft of the pens and cereal bars are only the first salvo in the fight too. As soon as Louis moves to get his favorites back, British Louis takes away what he truly loves, the associates.

This means war, obviously.

Rachel (Meghan Markle)

So Rachel finally gave in to Mike. All it took was the truth, and Rachel was in bed with the guy. Obviously, there wasn’t too much holding her back.

Work, on the other hand, is definitely holding Rachel back. She’s still a paralegal and — without Harvard — Rachel is likely to remain this way. No amount of sexy time with Mike can fully make up for this.

Donna (Sarah Rafferty)

Donna is awesome, as usual. It’s good that someone is in the face of all this turmoil.

Posted by:Laurel Brown