“Suits” Season 3 comes in under a cloud of conflict at the law firm. That conflict is clearly seen in the photos from the Season 3 premiere, “The Arrangement.”

While there are plenty of story reasons why there might be conflict on “Suits” (more on that in a minute), one has to wonder whether the arrival of two “Game of Thrones” actors — Conleth Hill and Michele Fairley — doesn’t have something to do with the heightened tension.

Hill — better known for playing the role of the bald and crafty Lord Varys on “Game of Thrones” — made his “Suits” debut in the Season 2 finale this past winter. He plays Darby, the new partner is Jessica Pearson’s (Gina Torres) law firm.

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-1-conleth-hill-gina-torres.JPGWhile Darby mostly seems like a pleasant and fair man …

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-2-conleth-hill-darby-varys.JPG… His hidden ruthlessness and basic presence bother Harvey (Gabriel Macht).

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-3-gabriel-macht-conleth-hill.JPGThere is also the possibility that Louis (Rick Hoffman) will have problems of his own with the new boss.

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-4-rick-hoffman-conleth-hill.JPGAt least Louis seems to have a better outcome.

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-5-rick-hoffman-conleth-hill.JPGWe have to remember that this is not the only source of conflict at the law firm in “Suits.” After Harvey thinks that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) betrayed him, that relationship must endure a great deal of stress.

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-6-gabriel-macht-patrick-adams-rick-hoffman.JPGPoor Mike also has to face the consequences after he told Rachel (Meghan Markle) his big secret at the end of Season 2. Will the two get closer or will Rachel betray Mike?

suits-301-the-arrangement-usa-6-meghan-markle-rachel.JPGWhat about Michelle Fairley, the sadly departed Lady Catelyn Stark of “Game of Thrones”? While she does appear in the first episode of Season 3, her character (an oil tycoon with legal troubles) only makes a photo in the second episode.

suits season 3 michelle fairley game of thrones stark usa 'Suits' Season 3 premiere photos: Does 'Game of Thrones' bring more conflict?“Suits” Season 3 premieres Tuesday, July 16 at 10pm on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown