After a summer of tension, the “Suits” Season 3 summer finale, “Stay,” came **this close to a happy ending. It’s too bad Louis Litt had to go ruin it all by peeking into the Harvard Law School student records and finding no Mike Ross there.

Is Louis about to learn Mike’s secret?

The return of Travis Tanner

Just when you thought the law couldn’t get any murkier or messier, enter Travis Tanner! Yes, Harvey’s old nemesis is back yet again, this time in the employ of Ava Hessington in order to sue Pearson Darby Specter.

Mostly, of course, this lawsuit is about angering Harvey. It works.

Tanner plays as dirty as always and tries to go at Harvey via Scottie — Stephen Huntley has gone and signed an affidavit saying that she knew all about his murderous ways ages ago. It’s a lie, but Huntley is looking at a murder charge and is willing to pass all the bucks he can.

It’s an unfortunate thing for Huntley that he has already gone and made Donna mad. Never make Donna mad! In a prison visit, the omniscient secretary gets her former lover to admit that his affidavit is a lie. That piece of evidence is over and done!

With a plan in place, Harvey moves to end the lawsuit. Interestingly, he can’t do so in his normal, cold fashion. Harvey has to be a nice guy. First he admits that he cares about Scottie. Then he delivers a beautiful speech that pierces even the cutthroat heart of Ava Hessington (and Scottie, to whom this speech could have also been delivered):

“Ava, you can come at us and we can come at you. But I don’t want that. You wanted to know if I’m sorry? I am. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I am sorry that my history with Cameron put a target on your back. But I am not sorry that I did everything in my power to help you every chance I got. If you don’t believe that, then keep coming. But if you do, I’m asking you to put your anger where it belongs.”

All you need is love!

What makes Rachel stand up for herself in front of Jessica? How does Mike admit that he can’t do it all? Why is Harvey suddenly a mushy romantic? It’s all about love!

Rachel and Mike simply continue their love story in the finale. With Rachel now choosing between Columbia and Stanford for law school, things are a bit tense. They get even more tense when Jessica — having figured out the two are a couple — forces an affidavit on Rachel, making her liable of Mike’s secret ever gets out.

This nearly breaks Mike’s fragile heart, and he tells Rachel to head west in order to avoid the problem. But Rachel has other ideas. She goes straight to Jessica and demands a future job in return for complicity. Harvard degree or not, Rachel will be a lawyer at Jessica Pearson’s law firm someday!

So much love is in the air that even Harvey’s cold heart grows three sizes by the end of the finale. His relationship with Scottie is thrown repeatedly in his face, making it ever clearer that Harvey really does care for the woman. He just isn’t so good at admitting it.

And then he does. Truly, it’s a marvel for the ages!

Now we turn to Louis. Once again, Louis Litt is in the thrall of Harvard’s law-placement despot, Sheila Sazs. A casual fling isn’t going to do it for the Female Louis this time though. Nope, she wants commitment and exclusivity, and she doesn’t just want a legal document on the matter.

Louis, surprisingly, comes through. It’s almost too bad that the man immediately violates his woman’s trust by rummaging through old Harvard student files while she’s on the phone …

One more member of the “I know about Mike” club

… And Louis finds nothing where Mike Ross’ name should be.

This is a problem. Sure, Louis doesn’t really know anything yet — he will just have his suspicions going into the final part of Season 3. And Louis, for all his silliness, is a very smart man.

Mike is in trouble.

Posted by:Laurel Brown