“Suits” is back with a quite incredible Season 4 premiere, “One-Two-Three Go.” What isn’t back is Mike Ross to Pearson Specter — the young faux-lawyer jumped ship at the end of Season 3 in order to work for finance guy Jonathan Sidwell.

Now that Season 4 has begun, the new roles for each of the characters are quickly established. And a new and possibly brilliant season has begun.

Who are Mike and Harvey without each other?

Never before on “Suits” have fans had to ask who the show’s two stars actually are without the other. Since the pilot episode, Harvey has been the boss and big brother to Mike, the little brother who actually has value.

That’s not exactly the case anymore. Mike and Harvey are necessarily separated by their new jobs — even regular interaction is different now that they work apart.

Strangely, neither man seems ready to accept this new dynamic at the beginning of the episode. Despite his limo and three-piece suits, Mike is still the eager and idealistic young guy who craves Harvey’s approval. He doesn’t need that approval anymore — Mike is truly a grown-up, possibly for the first time, in “One-Two-Three Go” — but he wants it. He’ll always want it.

Harvey, meanwhile, seems happy to revert to the lawyer we glimpsed back when “Suits” began. He’s sleeping with almost anonymous, beautiful women (Scottie seems to be out of the picture for now) and he claims to be making decisions without regard to feelings or anything touchy-feely.

Of course this isn’t true. That is evident when Harvey goes to Mike when there’s a conflict of interest and basically begs the young man to resolve it. Harvey wouldn’t do this for just anyone but would rather just dump the less-valuable person for the more-valuable one. That he doesn’t just jump at the chance shows how much Mike still means to his mentor.

Who do you pick when Harvey and goodness are on opposite sides?

Here is a central dilemma of this new season: Mike still wants to be the do-gooder under all circumstances. This puts him into conflict with Harvey. Thus, the audience has to choose between Mike’s good deeds and Harvey’s essential position of victory.

Do we want Mike and Walter Gillis to keep the not-Netflix company afloat, thereby saving jobs and dreams? Or do we want Harvey to destroy all of that by guiding his young shark, Logan Sandler, to a hostile takeover?

It looks like someone has to lose here. Is there any way to choose one man over the other?

Jessica’s getting some

In a lovely change from earlier seasons, Jessica Pearson is not just about work. Yes, she’s still mostly about work (even when otherwise engaged), but there are some cracks in the veneer of perfection. Can she maintain a professional and romantic relationship so soon after she predicted Harvey would fail at such a thing?

With the arrival of Jeff Malone into Jessica’s life and workplace, that is going to be an issues. Especially since you know this SEC thing is far from over …

It’s the Louis and Katrina show!

Throughout most of “One-Two-Three Go,” Louis and Katrina are pretty much off in their own world. It’s a world of partnership aspirations and strategizing and “Game of Thrones” quotes. Their world is one in which Louis has a shot at becoming a name partner in the firm.

They maybe should have let someone else into that world a little sooner. As it is, Louis misses out on his big chance to fight the government, thus securing his place of utmost importance to the firm.

Oh well. A member of the Night’s Watch like Louis has more battles to fight.

Let’s just enjoy Donna and Rachel, wandering around and being awesome

Life is pretty good for Rachel at the beginning of Season 4. She is happy in her relationship with Mike. At work, everyone is beginning to see her as a true equal-in-training — Harvey is even using her as a semi-proxy for Mike. Law school is presumably going well.

This is probably doomed, especially with the battle lines drawn between Harvey (and therefore the firm) and Mike. But things are good for the moment.

Donna, of course, remains awesome. Not even the sadness of missing Mike can detract from this fundamental characteristic of the world’s greatest secretary. In a “Suits” world of massive change, it’s nice that there is this one thing we can count on.

Judging from the Season 4 premiere, stability is going to be at a premium.

Posted by:Laurel Brown