“Suits” Season 4 is going to see a big change for the show. In the Season 3 finale episode, Mike decided to take the investment banking job, Harvey narrowly avoided jail, and Scottie decided to leave both Pearson Specter and Harvey.

Where does the show go next? Fortunately, the show’s creator and executive producer, Aaron Korsh, started talking about the future as soon as the finale ended. Here are some of the biggest spoilers he has revealed about Season 4.

Mike isn’t coming back

He isn’t coming back anytime soon anyway. “I wanted him to take it and not undo it in short order,” Korsh said in his interview. “We’re not finished [writing] season 4, but we’re into season 4, and he’s still gone.”

Why did Mike have to go in the first place? What will it do to the dynamic? The good news is that Mike — now working as a Pearson Specter client — will be around a lot. The ambiguous news is that the relationship dynamics are all going to change as a result of the new job.

“The idea for us was to shake up the dynamic at the firm, but still keep Mike very present in our television universe,” Korsh told TVLine. “The way to do that was, if he leaves and goes and takes this job, but he’s still a client at the firm. What it does is it allows for him to still interact with Harvey, but completely changes their dynamic. Mike is no longer his employee. And in a sense, he’s his employer. While at the same time, their older brother/younger brother dynamic, that’s embedded in their personalities now.”

This should work, when you think about it: Tension is good for TV.

Scottie isn’t coming back either

Even though Harvey said he loved her at the end of the Season 3 finale, Scottie is still leaving the firm and Harvey. And she isn’t coming back quickly either.

“We’ve picked a path that does not currently involve Scottie coming back in, though if we see opportunities for her to come back, we’ll use them,” Korsh explained. “I’d be surprised if we go the whole season without seeing her, but given the path that we’re on and the breadth of cast we have, it’s gonna be a challenge to get her in.”

This is pretty much what happens when you cast someone like Abigail Spencer (who has plenty of other TV work) in a recurring role.

Harvey and Donna, Mike and Rachel will be impacted by the changes

According to the TVLine interview, the relationships between Mike and Rachel and between Harvey and Donna will both be impacted by Mike’s change of profession. Mike and Rachel will feel the impact in “a very off-the-wall way” that’s related to the investment banking job.

As for Harvey and Donna, “Their relationship is always going to move forward in bits and starts, so to speak, and they’re always going to have be there for each other,” said Korsh. “Donna is definitely going to have a lot of things to say about Harvey’s new place in the world now that Mike is gone … Donna has a lot to deal with when this twist kicks in.”

Mike’s new job will play a major role in Season 4

With several new recurring actors on “Suits,” you have to wonder where they all fit in. For the most part, that place is at Mike’s new job. There is Mike’s new assistant, played by Melanie Papalia, as well as Brendan Hines as a rival for Mike. Michael Gross (of “Family Ties”) will be a client of the investment firm as well.

Over on the legal end of things, DB Woodside will be playing an associate of US Attorney Eric Woodall. He will most likely be keeping the pressure on Harvey as the season moves forward. []

There’s a time jump

“Suits” hasn’t allowed much time to pass between its seasons before now. The Season 3-4 gap, however, will be different — enough time will have elapsed that Mike is feeling fairly comfortable in his new job. Korsh told that at least a few months will have passed when the show returns.

Posted by:Laurel Brown