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The conflicts of the “Suits” Season 4 summer finale, “This Is Rome,” will be the hardest for Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). Newly resigned from Pearson Specter and facing the possibility of a destroyed legal career, how will Louis continue on? Hoffman has some answers in this interview with Zap2it.

Zap2it: Is Louis even going to be in the summer finale, after resigning in the previous episode?

Hoffman: I will be, in some capacity. This episode is basically what happens to Louis, how he handles this unbelievable cloud of adversity, how he handles people. Does he become the victim or does he rise above it and continue this unbelievable evolving and growth that he’s been displaying so far throughout this season?

How do these events affect Louis’ relationships with the others?
The pressure is off as far as pecking order now — especially with him and Harvey because he’s no longer at the firm. I think things become a little more equal. It seems like the respect levels for one another — especially with Harvey — the edge is taken off. Louis has already had respect from Mike. Obviously, he brings him back to the firm, so that’s all in order. And obviously his relationships with Rachel and Donna have been very tight.

I would say, if there’s really anything left over, it may come with Jessica, because she was the one who didn’t let up and she was going to fire him. Louis knows that that is the case. I will say this though, the big question for the finale with this character is: Is Louis one of those people that doesn’t change who he is? Does he stay in his character, is his character intact? Or does this loss of his job throw him back completely to Season 1, where he was this isolated, pain-in-the-a**, insecure bully?

Are the others inclined to support Louis, or do they think it’s all his fault?
I think everyone tries to rally around him. They know how he tried to save everyone. That’s what’s so amazing about the growth of this guy over the course of a couple seasons. Where he had everybody not wanting even to be in the same room as him at the end of Season 2, to now, they all want to help save his job. Which is obviously a little too late. From here forward, it’s up to Louis to either earn his way somehow — if there was some sort of conceivable way to get back to the firm, it’s got to be from Louis. It’s gotta be how he handles what life is throwing at him. If he decides to regress and become this child, it’s gonna be bad news. I can tell you this, the writers — with reckless abandon — have this unbelievable knack to turn these storylines, just when you think it’s going one way, it turns around and goes another. I can’t tell you how. No matter what happens to this guy, I can’t tell you how unbelievably fun it has been to work on this show.

Would the Louis Litt of Seasons 1 and 2 have resigned in this way?
Oh forget it! He would’ve … I don’t think he would’ve resigned. I think he would have gotten his army of lawyers and caused a massive s***fest for Pearson Specter. He left, which was so cool when I read it the first time, he left with dignity. If you had placed your bets a year and a half ago, you never would have guessed.

What will Louis have to do to get his job back?
I really do think it is up to Louis to be the bigger person and realize that no matter how hard he tried when he worked there, no matter how much more work he did than Harvey, despite his massive efforts to save the firm, he has to understand that people see or saw him a certain way. Just like in real life — no matter how hard you try to prove you’re different, they just see you as they initially saw you.

What about Sheila? Will Louis use this time to win her back?
One would assume that he would at least try. That’s what we’ll allude to in the back six.

How does all of this come together in the summer finale?
The writers do not let you down. From the beginning to the very end of this episode, anybody who’s ever liked an episode of this show, this is definitely one to watch the whole way through.

The “Suits” Season 4 summer finale airs Wednesday, Aug. 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown